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Livestock & Equine insurance is a small investment that can make a huge difference. We offer many types of coverages to fit your specific needs. Full mortality, major medical and herd coverage are some of the most common. In the breeding business? We also offer bull infertility and prospective offspring coverages.


Farm & Ranch Insurance is molded for exactly what it says it is. If you have a farm or ranch, equipment, pivots, trailers, livestock, barns, or tack, this policy is for you. Let us get you the correct coverages and the accurate liability limits for operating your farm or ranch. We can even include your home and auto at unbeatable rates.


If you own your own business, let us get your property and equipment covered with a company that has great rates and a fast claims service. Oil Field Services? That's our specialty- we'll help you get the required liability coverages to operate your company with zero interruption.


Being rooted in West Texas, crop insurance is mandatory. We have teamed up with the best company in the nation. RCIS offers producers the best coverage options available. Olive agents know crop insurance is crucial for a farming operation first hand. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced farmer/rancher, we can get your quotes and coverages fast. Relationships and up to date information are our top priority. Let us insure your livelihood.


If you own your own business or farm, make sure you and your employees are taken care of with a workers compensation policy. We can get you a quote with Texas Mutual in minutes.


Enjoy the great rates of Progressive with independent agents that you can get to know on a first name basis. I bet you didn't know that Progressive offers excellent rates on Boats, ATV's, RV's and Living Quarter Horse Trailers.


Protect both your family & your future. Life Insurance isn't something a lot of people like to think about, but it really should be.  Breathe easy knowing you are covered with quality insurance!

Health Insurance can be stressful and choosing the right coverage for you & your family is important.  We understand!  Let us help you find the health plan that fits you best & leave all the stress out of it!

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